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Digital Marketing &
Process Automation

You either need more business – or have more than you can handle. We create content to attract your people, then build smart automated systems, so you can do more with less effort.

Cost effective

Digital marketing

Every business owner has been burnt by a bad digital marketing agency – we aim to stop that trend. We’re not just marketers, we’re business owners with years of experience in scaling our own brands.

Let’s get you spending less and making more.

Cost efficient advertising

We take a conservative approach to your marketing spend to ensure every dollar you spend, you are seeing the best return you can.

SEO and websites

The first thing a potential client will do is Google your business. If your website isn't a good reflection of your brand and service, or doesn't rank well on Google, you risk losing that job.

Marketing strategy

Sometimes running Google or Facebook ads isn't the right approach. We've got years of personal experience in scaling various businesses so we know what works.

Integrations with existing systems

We aren't going to reinvent the wheel if it doesn't need to be. Most businesses have good systems but just a lack of integration between them. We can plug into your existing systems to have minimal disruption to your normal work day.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Most businesses don't use a CRM. A CRM can be more than a client management tool, it can also be your sales funnel, or your project management software. A well integrated CRM can become the heart of your business operation.

Documentation creation

Most businesses spend 2+ hours per day creating documents. Our no-subscription software uses simple methods to save you HOURS per day.

Process automation

Sometimes, all you need is an outside party to come and review your business processes. A simple task can be quite time consuming when you look at an entire year. We can streamline and automate those tasks to free up your time to bring in more work, or spend time with your family.

Professional services

Process Automation

We have years of experience in scaling small businesses of our own and that wouldn’t be possible without our expertise in process automation. Just think, how much of your day is spent on medial tasks that don’t make you money? For example, writing a proposal, creating a document, copying a clients details from your engagement form into your accounting software etc. 

We’ll have you doing more, with less effort.

Our Partners

Our Digital Marketing 'Starter kit'

Getting started isn’t always a really expensive process. You can start seeing results for a low up-front cost and then you pay as the results start coming in!

Websites & Integration

Your website is a customers first impression of you. So it needs to look the part and be designed to optimise the type of customer you’re looking to find.

Search Engine Optimisation


SEO is a longer-term strategy which can remove your reliance upon paid advertising. A well designed website will bring organic customers to your business!

Streamlining & Strategy

You have staff to do your marketing for you, but you need someone just to do the groundwork and put together a strategy for execution. 

Paid Advertising & Media

Paid Ads & Media

Paid advertising is a proven strategy. Our aim is to create a ‘tap’ of customers that you can either turn on when your quiet, or off when you’re busy. 

Why choose Overture for your digital marketing?

Everyone has had a bad experience with a digital marketing agency, including us! We have used 10+ different marketing agencies in the past and it was obvious that the people doing the work have never run their own businesses and understand how a business operates. Not us! We’ve got 20+ years of experience in small business and scaling start up companies, as the Directors! 

We bring our years of experience and expertise to create a logical and efficient strategy to marketing your business with an aim to make you more money with less investment!

Why choose Overture for your Business Automation?

Understanding how a business operates is a difficult to comprehend unless you’ve been there before. Our Directors have started and scaled various businesses including proptech platforms, music labels, professional services firms, and education platforms. These businesses continue to operate today with minimal intervention due to the streamlining of their business processes.

About us

It can hard to be heard over the noise of your competitors. Overture was created to do just that. We’ll make your business work for you, so you can get back to doing the things that matter. We’re a young and innovative business with two Directors leading the team to deliver your results. Learn more about your core team below.

Mikayla Nicol

Mikayla is our leader. She’s a brand strategist, expert marketer, and an automation wizard. Her strengths are in design – visually and functionally. She’s passionate about ensuring things are done the most efficient way – right from the beginning (we don’t like double-handling around here).

She knows what your people want and will guide you in the right direction, so you can you make meaningful connections with your customers.

Alex Steffan

Alex is an entrepreneur and well-known face in the property world. He has successfully founded and grown multiple businesses with a key part of his achievements being reliant upon efficient use of business automation and targeted digital marketing techniques.

His strengths lie in developing highly streamlined, profitable, and scaleable businesses and will find opportunities where people have missed them.


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