Selected Value: 1
1 - In person (most of the time)
2 - Phone
6 - Email/Website/Phone
8 - Email/Online form
10 - The most efficient way ever
Any particular reason they always call? Or can't only email etc.
Selected Value: 1
1 - Handwritten
3 - Email/Text
6 - Word/PDF document (some templates but still need to cntrl+F..etc.)
8 - Semi-Automated generated proposal (e.g. Excel spreadsheet doc generator)
10 - Full automated (e.g. Qwilr)
- Do you go to site, then make some notes, go back to the office, write a list, put it in an email or word document…etc.
- Is each job completely different or do you have semi-similar jobs daily?
Selected Value: 1
1 - I don't
2 - A phone call
5 - With a custom email
7 - With an auto-email (automated from CRM)
10 - A good integrated system (e.g. text/email..etc.) connected from your CRM to Xero etc.
What technology do you use to onboard clients? Get a description as to what happens
Selected Value: 1
1 - Handwritten
2 - Word doc/PDF (custom written)
5 - Hand-entered into MYOB/similar
6 - Hand-entered into Xero/similar
9 - Auto-Entered into Xero/similar
Take us through that process. Do you enter their details mainly into Xero or does it pull their data automatically into your software from your CRM..etc.
Any pain points? or people not paying? Forgetting to invoice people?
Selected Value: 1
1 - Handwritten diary style
2 - Emails (no formal system)
3 - Hard copy job folders and checklists
6 - Digital job folders and checklists
8 - Project management software/CRM Integrated system with invoicing..etc.
- Do you use a CRM? Which one? E.g. Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce etc.
- Do you use any project management software? Which one? E.g. Asana, Notion, Monday etc.
Selected Value: 1
1 - Start from scratch every time
5 - Templated documents & Find/Replace typical information
8 - Document generator tool
10 - Not relevant
Do you use any document creation software? Which ones? How do you create documents etc.
Selected Value: 1
1 - Hardcopy document folders
4 - On a computer (no cloud)
8 - On a Cloud (eg. Dropbox)
10 - I don't have documents
For example, Locally on the computer, Dropbox, Onedrive, on emails etc.
Selected Value: 1
1 - In person
3 - Phone
6 - Email/Phone
8 - Preferably Email only
How do you send emails? E.g. Outlook, Gmail. Do clients only ever want to talk to you on the phone? Why?
What kind of job is it? How long would your ideal job take you?
For example: data entry, emails, invoicing, following up clients, phone calls, people owe you money etc.
Do they want to use social media?
Have you run Google Ads before? What worked / didn’t work?
$ per month?
$ total budget for the whole thing?
No idea?
In hours (0.5 hours, 2 hours...etc.)