Which Workflow Automation Tool is Right for Your Professional Services Business?

Workflow automation has become a buzzword in today’s business world, and for good reason.

Streamlining business processes by automating repetitive tasks can save time, reduce human error, and free up resources to focus on more important (and fun) business. With so many automation tools on the market, how do you choose the one that’s best for your professional services business?

In this guide, we’ll compare Zapier, Integromat, and other popular options, to help you make an informed decision.

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What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is the process of automating manual tasks and processes, using tools to connect business applications and services.

This can include everything from CRM integration and document creation services to AI integration for business and process automation. In the context of professional services, workflow automation tools can help streamline a lot! For example, report automation, invoice automation with Xero, and CRMs such as Clickup, ActiveCampaign, and Hubspot.

Key Features to Consider

When comparing workflow automation tools, consider the following factors:

  • Ease of use: How easy is it to set up and manage your workflows?
  • Integration options: How many apps and services does the tool support?
  • Customisability: Can you tailor the tool to your specific business needs?
  • Pricing: Does the tool offer a pricing structure that suits your budget?
  • Support: What kind of support and resources are available for users?

Zapier: The Market Leader

Zapier has long been the go-to choice for many businesses looking to automate their workflows. With a huge library of over 3,000 integrations and a user-friendly interface – it’s no wonder that many Zapier experts recommend it for a wide range of professional services.

We use Zapier a lot at Overture!


  • Easy to use, even for non-technical users
  • Extensive library of integrations
  • Reliable and well-established platform
  • Excellent support and resources


  • Limited customisation options compared to some competitors
  • Can become expensive for businesses with high-volume needs

Use Cases

  • Document automation: An engineering firm could use Zapier to automatically create and send contracts based on information entered in a CRM like Hubspot.
  • Invoice automation: An accounting firm might use Zapier to automatically create and send invoices in Xero when a new client is added to their CRM.

Make (formerly Integromat): The Flexible Contender

Integromat or Make is another popular workflow automation tool that offers more advanced features and customisation options. With a powerful visual interface and a growing list of supported integrations, many specialists swear by this tool for more complex automation tasks.


  • Highly customisable, allowing for more complex workflows
  • Visual interface makes it easy to build and understand workflows
  • Competitive pricing, especially for high-volume users
  • Strong support and resources


  • Steeper learning curve compared to Zapier
  • Fewer integrations than Zapier, though the list is continually growing

Use Cases

  • Engineering digital marketing: Integromat can be used to automate the process of collecting and analysing data from various marketing channels, allowing for more efficient decision-making.
  • CRM integration: A consulting firm might use Integromat to automatically sync client information between Clickup and ActiveCampaign, ensuring that all team members have access to the latest information.

Other Options: Honorable Mentions

There are also other workflow automation tools worth considering, depending on your specific needs:

  • Microsoft Power Automate: A good choice for businesses that rely heavily on Microsoft products, as it integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem. This is likely to become even more powerful as Microsoft’s AI integration Co-Pilot comes out!
  • IFTTT: A simple, user-friendly option that may be suitable for small businesses with straightforward automation needs.
  • Automate.io: Offers a wide range of integrations and an easy-to-use interface, making it a strong alternative to Zapier and Integromat for some businesses.

Which Tool is Right for Your Business?

When choosing a workflow automation tool for your professional services business, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements. If you’re looking for a user-friendly option with a vast library of integrations, Zapier might be the best choice. On the other hand, if customisability and more advanced features are a priority, Integromat could be the better option.

For businesses that rely heavily on the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Power Automate may be the most seamless option. And for small businesses with simple automation needs, IFTTT or Automate.io could be suitable alternatives.

In any case, it’s essential to invest time in researching each tool and consulting with experts (like us) before making a decision.


Choosing the right workflow automation tool can have a significant impact on your professional services business, streamlining processes, saving time, and ultimately, driving growth. By considering the factors we’ve discussed in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect tool to help you achieve your growth strategies for SMEs.

For more information on workflow automation, website development, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and Google Ads management, visit the Overture blog, or get in touch with our team of ActiveCampaign consultants and branding specialists.

Remember, every business is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. By taking the time to evaluate your options and seeking expert advice, you can be confident that you’re making the best decision for your professional services business.

Do you have any questions about workflow automation tools, or would you like some help choosing the right one for your business? We’ve used all the tools and are constantly on the look out for new ones. So, reach out to our team – we’d be happy to help!